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Enterprise State offers free programs to help fill labor shortages

By Will Polston
Mar. 20, 2024
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DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY) – A local college is giving people the opportunity to get hands-on training for the workforce.

Enterprise State Community College invited some students from Coffee County to participate in their Skills for Success program. The Skills for Success program offers a chance for people to expand their career opportunities, allowing participants to try a variety of careers they may not have previously considered.

“I like seeing other people and other students being able to come out here and get the opportunity to learn a new experience,” said Jackson Dowdy, a student at Zion Chapel High School.

While hands-on experience is great, that’s not the only benefit.

“It is available at no cost to the participants, thanks to Alabama legislature,” said Leigh Shiver, Director of Workforce Development at ESCC.

Though high school students were in the dirt Wednesday morning, the programs are available to anyone.

ESCC offers a variety of focuses, including heavy machinery, CDLs, mental healthcare and more.

Their reputation can be seen throughout the state.

“We have trained more than 3,500 Alabamians,” said Shiver.

Spencer Scanlon, an instructor for Skills for Success, participated in the heavy machinery program when he was in school. Now, he’s helping teach the next wave of students.

“We always need doctors, lawyers, you know, people that make the world go round,” said Scanlon. “We also need people to build those doctors offices or those lawyers offices or whatever the case may be.”

Not everyone who comes through the program will join a related career, but Shiver said these programs offer something textbooks can’t.

“It’s hard to find qualified individuals to fill some of today’s jobs,” said Shiver. “These students are leaving with a credential that’s industry recognized, so it’s putting more credentialed workers back into the workforce and help filling some of those labor shortages.”

For more information on the Skills for Success programs, click here.

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